Frank’s Pizza House

Toronto Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria

Buy Pizza Dough in Toronto & Make Pizza Like A Pro

Are you interested in making pizza in the comfort of your home, like a real pizzaiolo?

Kneading Pizza Dough

You can rely on Frank’s Pizza House to impress everyone in the neighbourhood. We sell authentic pizza dough that we, the Taverniti family make in our Toronto, Ontario pizzeria.

We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients, including salt, sugar, olive oil, yeast, unbleached flour, semolina flour and of course our very own dough starter. We use old-school methods and each pizza dough ball is hand-cut and worked by hand. We also allow our fresh pizza dough to rise slowly to develop the best flavour possible.

The dough is easy to work and stretch out without much effort or skill, which is a feature that distinguishes our pizza dough. All you have to do is dust lightly with semolina flour and work the dough with your finger tips, if desired, or you can opt to use a rolling pin. Then you can have a little fun topping your pizza with all the ingredients you love, like cheese, bacon, pepperoni — the toppings are endless!

Everyone loves a great pizza pie and the entire family will enjoy making their very own pizza using what we believe is the Best Pizza Dough in Toronto. Just give it a try!

Our pizza dough is available in two sizes: mini ($2.50) and large ($3.50).