Frank’s Pizza House

Toronto Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria


In Late February, bodybuilder and competitive eater Joel Hansen challenged us to make Canada’s Biggest Pizza. Check out his video on YouTube:

And here’s some media coverage around the web:

  • Canada's largest pizza ever was just made at a Toronto restaurant and you can now order it for

  • We can now say Toronto is where Canada’s largest pizza is made and we have the ability to order it now at Frank’s Pizza House. What they originally intended to be a giant pizza turned out to be the biggest pizza ever made in Canada, weighing in at 26

  • Grab your pals and loosen your belts because Toronto just got their biggest pizza. Call in a day in advance to preorder, as this pizza’s so big it requires two chefs to handle it at the oven!

Later in May, the guys over at Epic Meal Time wanted to take #CanadasBiggestPizza to the extreme by adding $1000 worth of fast food. Check out their video on YouTube: