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Buy Our Homemade Pasta Sauce for Quick, Simple Meals at Home

Have you been looking for great homemade tomato sauce for your family?

Tomato sauce simmering in a pot

Well, you’re in luck! By popular demand, Frank’s Pizza House now offers our in-house, homemade tomato sauce for the enjoyment of your family in the comfort of your home.

Our pasta sauce is authentically Italian — a family recipe since 1965 — and uses only fresh, authentic ingredients like Italian tomatoes, fresh basil and never any artificial flavours, colours, additives nor preservatives. Our slow-rolling cooking process takes a lot of time, but the outcome is simply amazing.

Fill your fridge with our homemade pasta sauce, available now for only $9.95 for a 24 oz/750 mL container. When you’re ready to enjoy, just simmer and stir then pair it with your favourite pasta, risotto or whatever your cravings desire. Enjoy quick, simple meals that don’t sacrifice quality while saving you time. From our family, to yours…